India Globalization Capital, Inc. has a market capitalization of US$82 million

Ram Mukunda took over as CEO of India Globalization Capital, Inc. in 2005, and we believe now is a good moment to examine the executive's pay in light of the company's overall performance. In light of recent profits growth and investor returns for India Globalization Capital, this research will also seek to see if the CEO is being fairly compensated.

How Does Ram Mukunda's Total Compensation Compare To That Of Other Companies In The Industry?

According to our data, India Globalization Capital, Inc. has a market capitalization of US$82 million, with total annual CEO salary of US$719k for the fiscal year ending in March 2020. That is, the pay was roughly the same as the previous year. Despite the fact that we always look at total pay first, our study shows that the wage component is lower, at US$300,000.

The Development of India Globalization Capital, Inc.

Over the last three years, India Globalization Capital, Inc. has cut its earnings per share by 42 percent every year. Its revenue has dropped by 85 percent in the last year.

The drop in EPS is a cause for concern. And the image is exacerbated by the fact that income is dropping year over year. Because it's difficult to claim that the company is running on all cylinders, shareholders may be wary of excessive CEO pay. While we don't have analyst projections for the firm, investors may be interested in looking at this thorough historical graph of earnings, revenue, and cash flow.

Has India Globalization Capital, Inc. turned out to be a wise investment?

The fact that India Globalization Capital, Inc. provided a total return of 155 percent over three years is likely to impress most shareholders. As a result, they may not be bothered if the CEO is paid more than is typical for a company of similar size.